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It's no longer enough to be repetitive or loud, plastering your logo and slogan all over the place in hopes that you'll stay at the forefront of the consumer's mind.  How people experience your brand is more important than ever.  We create all-encompassing experiences that help you stay memorable in a competitive marketplace where it's easy to be forgotten.    

We do image consulting; event branding; customer experience consulting; logo, collateral, and web design. We are brand makers. We work on your brand so you can work on your business.



Johanna “Ati” Tafao-Braganza - Founder & Creative Director


Ati's roots are deeply planted in the beautiful city of San Francisco, to which she credits her love for design.  She is heavily influenced by San Francisco's melting pot of cultures and art, which has allowed her to develop a natural sense of creating brands that separate her clients from the pack.  Her innate sensibility of mixing pieces of new/ old and high/ low fashion, patterns, and color make for a personal branding dream, as she gently guides her clients to manifest a physical representation of their company through their clothing choices.  Ati is a literary consumer, always opting for books and magazines that focus on business, branding, art, fashion, and interior design.  She secured degrees in Liberal Arts (Community College of American Samoa), Graphic Design (Diablo Valley College), English and Sociology (University of Hawaii at Manoa).  However, Ati feels that most of her knowledge has come from the raising of her three beautiful children- Desiree, Dominique, and Elijah- her ultimate living masterpieces and now, her team.  Her constant need for improvement means she never stops educating herself or doing all that she can to remain current in an ever-shifting and digitally-evolving world.  She specializes in business and event brands, image consulting, and web design.  Ati's hope, through this boutique branding firm, is to ensure that her clients stay visible in a digital age of obscurity.

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San Francisco Bay Area, California

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